Corporate Strategy

An enterprise's success depends on developing a strategy that understands the origin of competitive advantage in the market, identifies a plan to win, and translates the plan into a set of discrete action. Dean & Company has almost 20 years experience in working with corporations and individual business units to develop strategy. We help answer the key questions which drive strategy:

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Dean & Company's Technology Development Practice specializes in working with nascent technology companies to maximize the odds of commercial success. Our core skill is developing the detailed economic models between strategic building blocks (customer elasticity, competitor economics, etc.) and a holistic business plan. With this comprehensive view of the business opportunity, it is possible for clients to move the organization in the right direction: the path of maximum return on investment.

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The evolution over the last ten years of the Internet into an efficient platform for commerce and for information in general has hastened the commoditization of products and services. Industries that had been historically buffered from severe competition by supply/demand imbalances or channel inefficiencies suddenly found themselves thrust into harsh new market realities.

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New Product Introduction and Market Entry

A continuing challenge for companies is to achieve a greater success rate in transitioning new or emerging technology solutions from the development phase to a sustainable products based on those innovations. For standalone technology companies, the funnel has historically been particularly narrow, with less than 10% bringing fully developed products to market, and even fewer moving to a trajectory of profitability and growth.

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Customer Bonding

One of Dean & Company's primary areas of expertise is developing strategies for targeting, attracting, and maintaining the most profitable customers. Given the exorbitant costs attributable to customer acquisition, once the most profitable customer segments have been identified and developed, maintaining the customer relationship is critical for sustaining profitability. Much of Dean & Company's work in this area revolves around the concept of "bonding", the central theme of The Delta Model.

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The Delta Model

Customer Targeting

One of Dean & Company's primary areas of expertise is developing strategies for targeting, attracting, and maintaining the most profitable customers. The key first step, and perhaps most challenging one, is deciding which customers to target.

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Merger and Acquisition Support

The overarching goal of a Merger or Acquisition is to add value. While a successful merger or acquisition can enable a company to execute key components of its strategy, an unsuccessful merger can and will destroy value. Dean & Company works with a variety of clients, from Fortune 500 corporations to startups and PE firms to develop M&A strategies, identify and evaluate targets, conduct thorough due diligence and support post-merger integration.

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Operational Effectiveness

Maximizing productivity and the effectiveness of operations are key elements of a company’s strategic plans and are a critical concern for business managers in every industry. Developments in technology, free trade, and pay-for-performance compensation programs have led to unprecedented improvements in worker productivity, shareholder value, and worldwide standards of living. The pace of change has been rapid with companies needing to adapt quickly to these changes in order to prosper, or in some cases even to survive.

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Pricing is one of the most powerful tools for creating business value. It forces a company to base its actions on market and customer factors - to understand the competitor's perspective and likely response, to explicitly consider how customers value products and services, and to build products with an economic structure tuned to market requirements. Yet, for a variety of reasons, management attention is often disproportionately focused on cost, and, consequently, internal operations, leaving a gap in the strategy of most companies.

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