The Delta Project

In his book, The Delta Project, which he co-authored with Arnoldo Hax, Professor of Management at the MIT/Sloan School, Dean Wilde discusses an innovative set of strategies that executives can utilize to position their companies for future success. These revolve around the concept of "bonding", a mechanism for attracting and retaining customers, and the central theme of the new Delta Model strategy development framework.

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A number of prominent corporate and academic professionals have reviewed The Delta Project; their comments are included below.

"For a layman - I am really a layman in this area - I find this thoroughly fascinating."

- Franco Modigliani, Institute Professor Emeritus,
Sloan School of Management, MIT;
winner of Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, 1985


"There has never been a better time for rethinking how one does strategic thinking and we fortunately have Hax and Wilde to chart the way - to take us on a voyage of exploration."

-- Lester Thurow, from Prologue, Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson Professor of
Management and Economics, Sloan School of Management, MIT


"The ability to build strategic clarity and define the practical business action shines through in The Delta Project."

- Niall FitzGerald, Chairman, Unilever plc


"The work by the authors in strategy development has been a 'must read' for me for many years and an invaluable resource to every organization I have been associated with...With the technology evolutions of the last five years, this new work has taken on more importance to insure that a business strategy is relevant to the times."

- Hector Ruiz, President and CEO,
Advanced Micro Devices


"I had the opportunity to see the Delta Model deployed in several of my operations with lasting positive impact. In a world where economics of aggregation and disaggregation are drastically changing, understanding these system economics can lead to totally new business models."

- Gerhard Schulmeyer, President and CEO,
Siemens Corporation


"There is a lot of original thinking in this book, thinking that we have applied in our investment practice with excellent results. The insights into customer bonding have enriched the way we evaluate a company's position and prospects, and are now a central part of our evaluative and strategic vocabulary. In several cases the Delta Model framework has directly led to decisions that have meaningfully improved our returns."

- Robert Lindsay, Co-Managing Partner, Lindsay Goldberg