Interview Preparation

Our interview process is an opportunity for us to learn about who you are, how you think, what your career goals are, and how well-suited to the type of analytical and problem-solving work we do at Dean and Company. It also is your chance to find out more about Dean & Company - who we are, how the firm works, our mission to create value, and our mutual fit.

Our interview process largely relies on the “case interview” format, which allows us to assess how you structure and solve an  open-ended business problem. In addition, during the case interview or separately, we will discuss your past experiences and goals for the future

Case interviews should not be viewed as "tests" with right or wrong answers but rather as an opportunity to demonstrate problem structuring, logical thinking, clear communication, and creative insight generation. While our experience has shown these case interviews to be an effective method for us to gain insight on important aspects of a candidate's capabilities, academic achievement, leadership roles, and relevant work experience are also considered in the decision to extend offers. 

In the attached presentation, "How to Crack the Case", we provide tips on preparing for the interview process and sample cases interview questions.