On-Campus Recruiting

Thank you for your interest in Dean & Company.

We visit a number of select campuses each year in our recruiting process to speak with candidates at career fairs and attend other campus events. At these campuses, applicants should submit required materials through the school's recruiting portal. Selected candidates will meet with us on-campus for an initial interview; the following round(s) of interviews occurs on a later day.

Below is the list of schools where we are conducting on-campus interviews in the Fall of 2019 for our full-time Analyst and Associate positions along with dates.

  Career Fair Application Deadline Interviews Other Events
Dartmouth College
September 13th September 24th October 8th


Duke University
September 26th September 26th October 4th Coffee Chat September 25th

Johns Hopkins University

September 20th and 27th September 27th October 10th Consulting Event September 10th; Mock Case September 20th
University of Virginia
September 12th and 13th September 13th September 25th


For a student whose campus is not listed here or experienced professionals, please apply directly.