Successful firms reflect their strategies in their values. Consistent with our own strategy we seek to reinforce a culture that emphasizes these values.

High quality standards

To be successful with our clients, we must deliver only truly outstanding quality work. A dedication to outstanding quality throughout our work is therefore a basic underpinning of our culture and values.

Grounding of recommendations in facts and analysis

Our experience shows that better and more readily implemented solutions are found when fact-based analysis is deployed in addressing client issues. Fact-based analysis is a powerful tool for overcoming the misunderstandings and disagreements within organizations that so often prevent them from taking effective action. Disagreements and uncertainties about facts are neutral and open to reasonable settlement, where qualitative disagreements can become emotional and inhibit resolution. Both in our work with clients and in managing our own business, we emphasize reliance on factual data and thorough analysis.

Teamwork and respect

No long-term success will be attained without leveraging the combined talents of groups of consultants and client personnel. This requires a strong emphasis on teamwork and respect for others. No individual, whatever their background or years of experience, has a monopoly on insights or good ideas, and solutions to the complex business issues faced by our clients can only come through the combined efforts of many individuals.

Initiative and entrepreneurship

We employ a lean overhead structure coupled with a non-hierarchical approach which leads to significant opportunities for all employees to contribute to our growth and development. Initiative and entrepreneurship, whether developing a new analytical technique or leading the implementation of a new internal firm project, are highly valued. Explicit recognition is given to employees' contributions and this openness to initiative gives individuals the chance to play a real role in helping set the course of the firm. Dean & Company today is very much a function of all the individual contributions of each of its employees.

Leadership and responsibility

The ability to lead and take responsibility for the implementation of our own strategies is critical in the development of our consulting staff. Our firm provides the opportunity for individuals to take management responsibility for key firm activities much earlier in their careers than is typical in the industry. Within broad policy, budgetary, and reporting guidelines, responsibility is significantly delegated. Not only does this help the development and management of our own firm, it also gives consultants practical experience in managing functions that help them better appreciate some of the challenges faced by our clients.