We offer a flexible career path with opportunities for learning and advancement


We offer a flexible career path with opportunities for learning and advancement


Dean & Company employs a simple, flexible and non-hierarchical structure that allows for career growth driven by performance, not tenure.


Analysts are the key engines driving client output and make an immediate impact upon joining the firm. Analysts gather critical data, build detailed models, and assist in story development and idea generation while also gaining experience interacting with junior and senior clients. Recent graduates of college/universities join Dean & Company at the analyst level and are given the opportunity to develop rapidly through on the job training and a formalized continuing education program.

Successful Dean & Company analysts can be promoted directly to Associate without returning to school for an advanced degree.




Associates are involved in all aspects of solution delivery, from problem structuring and analytical execution to translation of the output into bottom-line insights and delivery of the solution to the client. Associates also begin to manage teams and to develop client relationships. Associates join the firm from various backgrounds, with a number coming from doctoral and MBA programs, while others come from various industry jobs.


Successful associates are eligible to be promoted to project leader and eventually can move on to Manager and Vice-President.


Project Leader


Project leaders are managers-in training and are beginning to take on the full breadth of client and team management responsibilities. Project leaders are responsible for the day-to-day modules within a client engagement and are responsible for the full breadth of client problem-solving and delivery.




Managers are the day-to-day leaders for both the client and the case team. They are responsible for solving the client problem, delivering an actionable solution to senior clients, and beginning to develop the client relationship beyond the current engagement. Managers work with multiple engagement teams and are responsible for ensuring consultant development. In addition, managers begin to develop areas of industry or functional expertise and also play an important role in firm development (training, recruiting etc).




Vice Presidents build new client relationships, manage existing relationships with the top management at current clients, drive thought leadership within the firm and play a fundamental role in all aspects of the firm management.